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Application: let the world more bright glass ring

Construction in January 3, 2001, Guangzhou Xinghua Group Chairman Shih ring memorable days in Shaanxi, Lintong and the city hall, he formally signed investment contracts. For the pursuit of excellence, never stop the modern entrepreneur, development is big western is a missed opportunity for development. He is building a large scale of western modern glass deep-processing plant, and as a window, the Hing Wah Group cause to the whole western region. To the west, this is his life and career and a turning.

Return home

The spring of 1984, in Army veteran of 9 years of implementation can ring face demobilized, textural arranges him to Foshan Municipal Bureau of public security work. Shi Nengxiang backpack a dozen, returned to his hometown in Fujian city a mountain and sea fishing village -- British village. This home was bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, there have been a few first rich person -- million households, 100000 households, and the millionaire. While the application can ring except with dues certificate, certificate of demobilized soldiers, leaving a stack of honor certificate. He calmly to face reality, home to some people is really rich, but there are a lot of people have not yet " start", as the Party member cultivation for many years, he must for his hometown people is collective and rich contribution. He is willing to endure hardship willingly dedication, soon won the British village of love, he became British village since the founding of the first village elected by village director.

Application of ring after he took office, set out from village affection focused on two things : catch a comprehensive management to drive the construction of spiritual civilization; two catch economy to work to promote the construction of material civilization. He take a try fair means before resorting to force approach, put some disturbing village order outlaws together, management class, please the public security department Comrade give them legal course, and give it a warning, education and deterring illegal, the village public security situation improved markedly.

British village is original 6 enterprises, due to a lack of funds shortage of talent, not boom. In view of this situation, applying to ring in the village established " enterprise leading group ", bold use of collective assets as collateral, to the bank loan 1000000 yuan, build a village to do a business, at the same time, also help farmers to buy the means of production services, the development of agricultural production. Two years, Shi can ring to the even publicity family planning slogan paper can not afford to buy all the British village, to the development of the annual per capita net income 1000 yuan, village, Jo, individual do size enterprises more than one, known as the rich village.

Fighting to the sea

In 1986 August, Shi can ring in cash to town Party committee, government and all the villagers commitment after resigning, under the sea, by its own strength for candidates to a Fujian Province glass industrial company sales. He always do conscientious, soon a comprehensive grasp of industrial glass production process, enterprise management, market sales. Thereafter he quit Xiamen Blues zone, out of years of savings funds, investment property is headed, with a company in Hongkong, the formation of the "Xiamen automotive glass industry company ".

In 1993, Shi can ring took over the failing Guangzhou Liwan forward glass factory. Due to the old mode of management, more personnel than work available, together with mechanical equipment is backward, working capital shortage, this factory annual deficit, become the area of a large burden. Application of energy response to understand, to change this situation, relying on the capital and management is not enough, must develop new product. In the market for an extensive and thorough investigation, he learned that the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and other departments concerned has developed a bullet-proof glass intention, he realized that this is a blank in the hi-tech projects, have a brilliant future, make a prompt decision and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security Research Institute signed a cooperation agreement. Shi Nengxiang invited a group of professors and experts, personally led the research group of round the clock, trapped on the desk a nap, hungry gnaw bag for instant noodles. After six months of hard fighting, fail again, fail again, again ... ... Try try playing nearly 3000 bullets, research funding cost about 2000000 yuan.

The road ahead

In 1997 October, a sunny day, Guangzhou City Croucher first Nantou Kong corner, Xinghua Automobile Glass Industrial Company within the experimental range, target on the erection of a standard car front windshield, young striker carrying a submachine gun at the windshield. Burst of gunfire, but see the front glass is cracked, but did not penetrate, no flying debris. Full-court erupts enthusiastic applause, experts and scholars to shake Shi Nengxiang's hand.

Through national technical appraisal, the achievement of this research was named the Tenth National Invention Exhibition Gold Prize of new technology product, the same year was listed as the Guangdong provincial focus on new products, in 1998 won the two prize of " Guangzhou scientific and technological progress ". Hing Wah Company and became the only company bullet-proof bank-note transport vehicle fixed-point bullet-proof glass manufacturers, the annual production capacity reached 3000 units. The state granted the exemption right. With this fist product, Hing Wah Company development make a spurt of progress. Today, Hing Wah Group, Guangzhou city has become the only one set of research, development, production, sales decorative glass products, safety glass and automotive safety glass in one of the enterprises, their products sold at home and abroad.

While the application can ring search ahead of the eyes to the future -- and the relevant departments jointly developed light weapon training simulation system, training will be through the system to improve the technical and practical ability; further development " electrochromic glass ", namely the use of new technology, so that the glass electricity discoloration, glass world will be more colorful gorgeous ... ...

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